Our Mission

AGS Group is a unique personal and small business financial consulting and investment firm. We believe we help ideas become future successful companies.

AGS Group began around 2000 in Frankfurt, Germany by a few investors who believed technology could change the way we finance and create small businesses. The name of the business at the time was “Alltägliche Geld Spezialisten,” which means daily money specialist in German, and was later shortened to 24 AGS in 2005 when we began working in the United States.  Our name reflects our believe that a business in the 21st Century must combine worldwide talent and office hours to be the best.

Our mission is to help our clients become financially independent by helping them better fund their ideas, and organize their business. We are in the business of connecting people and forming new successful companies.


  1. Be the entrepreneur’s first choice.
  2. Aggressively build shareholder value in companies that create massive change, propel innovation, and are good stewards of the community.
  3. Strive to “move the needle” for our clients in the areas of business plan shaping, hiring, customer acquisition, partnerships, and strategy.


We democratize venture capital and over all investment tools for the everyday business owner. The business world does not need to revolve around  huge corporations and markets. Our goal is to work with small businesses and find the right tool to make them grow.

1. We make the process easy and efficient.

2. We provide expense certainty by using flat fee arrangements.

3.  We integrate  our team within your company to fully understand your needs.

4. We bring transparency to our work by giving full access to your client portfolio.


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